October news letter

    October 2015 Belmont 4-H Newsletter   New Editors Needed! This year, 2 of the newsletter editors decided not to join 4-H. As a newsletter editor, you would write […]



October 2015 Belmont 4-H Newsletter


New Editors Needed!

This year, 2 of the newsletter editors decided not to join 4-H. As a newsletter editor, you would write an email to the Belmont 4-H club, asking for articles and put together a newsletter like this one. If you are interested in being an editor, contact belmont4h@gmail.com.


New Project Sign Ups Available Online Now

Here is the link:



If that doesn’t work

  1. Go to Belmont 4-H website: belmont4h.org
  2. In the heading, find the document page, the same link for signup is there.


Light the Night Walk

Don’t forget to sign up for Light the Night Walk. Jackson is trying to raise more than 1400 dollars for this event, which was last year’s total.

Details are as follows;

When: Saturday, October 17.

Where: City Hall Plaza, Palo Alto

Time: 5:00 pm



Hello youth 4-H members!

My name is Emmalee Holmes and I am a student intern in the 4-H county office. I have been given the job of contacting all youth members to create a team to help out with our 4-H volunteer and officer training on October 24th, 2015. I am asking for your help to assist myself in babysitting and playing games with younger youth members while their parents are attending the meeting. I ask that you please forward this on to other youth members who are available on October 24th, or even to your club leader to be forwarded out if they haven’t already done so.

My requests from the youth volunteers are:

-arrive at Messiah Lutheran at 8:45 am to debrief before else everyone arrives at 9 am

-be prepared to stay the full time(8:45 am to 3:15 pm, unless you are a club officer and need to attend the youth officer training at 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm

– wear a 4-H t-shirt to support your club

-have a few game ideas in mind to keep the kids engaged (EX: duck, duck, goose, heads up 7-UP, etc.)

-come with a smile and enthusiasm!

-this is a great way to get a head start on your volunteer hours for your record books too

The second piece of this email is for ALL youth officers… there is a officer training section on the 24th that we ask all officers to attend to be better informed of their duties and responsibilities for being a club officer. By reviewing these important pieces, you will leave this training feeling more confident and overall, more excited to be a club officer!



To all Breakfast Club members:

If you’ve signed up for Breakfast Club, get ready to make pancakes and yogurt parfaits on Sunday, October 25th from 10am-12pm!   Members need to bring $2 to cover the cost of ingredients and some special tools we’ll be using to keep your fingers safe while chopping fruit.


Looking forward to meeting hungry chefs at Linnaea’s house: 2703 Sequoia Way, Belmont CA.


Linnaea and Ettan


A Thrilling Night at the Movies This year Belmont 4H again helped sponsor “Movies in the Park” and sold snacks as a fundraiser. Belmont Parks & Recreation and the Belmont Library also sponsored this event. The films were presented in the Meadow at Twin Pines Park. On the first Friday; August 28th, was the thrilling but comedic movie, Ghost Busters followed by “Finding Nemo” on September 11th. While there, our club sold popcorn, nachos, cookies, drinks and other stuff. Some of us also went to the crowd and asked if they would like to buy some snacks or drinks while watching the films. Once again this event has been a successful fundraiser and many of us just had a good time.

-Andrew Kang


Note from our health officer: Why are fruits better than juices? By Mallika Agrawal -The fruit skin is lacking in juices. The fruit skin of a grape has been proved to help prevent cancer, it helps provide protection against ultraviolet light, and provides fiber. -The pulp also has lots of fiber, it even has other nutrients. In addition, the pulp has vitamins and the juicing process destroys them. -Lots of sugar in juices! The fiber in the fruits bind to the sugar and prevents its rapid absorption in the blood. -When eating whole fruit lower risk of diabetes (a medical condition where there is too much sugar in the blood)

-Blueberry is the best fruit if you don’t want diabetes



When: October 24, 2015 – 9:00am-3:15pm

Where: Messiah Lutheran Church, 1835 Valota Rd. Redwood City, CA

An exciting day of workshops and 4-H bonding awaits us! Volunteers who attended the training last year are strongly encouraged to attend a continuing education session this year, to enhance their skills in youth development and 4-H volunteerism.

Important Details: Lunch, childcare, and live scan finger printing will be provided. Please ensure that any new volunteers are aware!

Registration: Please register for the training here – Deadline to register is October 15!

Mandatory Sessions:

• Morning Session 1 is required for any volunteers (new and continuing) who did not attend the training last year.

• Afternoon Session 3 is required for Farm Managers and Farm Bosses

• Afternoon Session 2 should be attended by YOUTH officers. Please spread the word to them.

Key Sessions to note:

Outreach Strategies Session – Demographics and populations in San Mateo and SF county are changing! How do we reach new and emerging audiences? What draws people to our program? Come learn and share outreach models and strategies!

Conflict Resolution Session – An important part of any organization, this session will cover learning your conflict resolution style, as well as strategies for managing conflicts within the 4-H setting.

Livestock Bio-Security Workshop – Key Leaders Glenn Arvin and Maria Smith will be leading this engaging session which will cover livestock bio-security best practices and management. Raising animals on communal farms demands a high level of professionalism and adhering to current practice and research in bio-security. Glenn and Maria will share their knowledge and expertise, based on a two day training they attended at UC Davis last spring.


Full Agenda:

Morning Sessions:

• 9:00-9:30 – Welcome and Continental Breakfast

• 9:30-12:30 – Session 1 – 4-H, Child Safety, and Developing Youth Leaders – Required for volunteers who did not attend last year!

• 9:30-10:45 – Session 2 – Outreach Strategies

• 11:00-12:30 – Session 3 – Conflict Resolution

Afternoon Sessions:

• 12:30-1:15 – Lunch

• 1:15-3:15 – New Project Leader Training

• 1:15-3:15 – Youth Officer Training

• 1:15-3:15 – Livestock Bio-Security Workshop – Required for Farm Managers and Farm Bosses, highly recommended for Animal Project Leaders

Looking forward to seeing you all in October!

Questions? Contact Jessica at jguild@ucanr.edu


September’s Treasurer’s Report:


Go check out the California October newsletter! http://4h.ucanr.edu/files/220677.pdf


Our next general meeting is Tuesday, October 13 at Fox Elementary.


Thank you for reading my newsletter!