Belmont 4-H Picks and Donates 190 Lbs of Apples to Local Food Bank

Belmont 4-Hers answered a call for Community Service - and what a delicious call it was.

A call came in from a neighbor in the Belmont area inquiring whether the Belmont 4-H could help pick apples from some tree for donation. The Belmont 4-Hers answered that call for community service. Here is the story of picking apples by Belmont 4H member Ettan Patel:

“On September 21, 2014 a group of 4-H members got together to pick a neighbor’s apple tree. We first started out by using apple pickers to get the apples and then placed them in boxes. Soon after we got ladders and picked the apples like that too. Finally, in the end we got a tarp and shook the tree so that apples fell into the tarp. This way we got 190 pounds of apples. We donated the apples to the Second Harvest Food Bank. My sister and I also baked a pie foor the kind people who allowed us to pick their apple tree. It was a lot of fun!”

Ettan’s sister Enika also has a recipe to share that we found useful for all those leftover apples that didn’t quite make the grade for donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank.