September 2014 Newsletter

Highlights from the Summer and everything the Belmont 4-H club was involved in.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another great 4-H year! The summer of 2014 was busy with 4-Hers at the fair. I am looking forward to this great year!

Shooting sports workshop 9/6/14

Record book county due 9/11/14

Environmental Service Day – cleaning up Belmont waterways 9/20/14

County council meeting @ San Bruno farm -9/22/14

National Youth Summit on Aerospace Eng 9/24/14 Elkus ranch. 9:00 am-5:00 pm in HMB .

Quick start record book course deadline-10/1/14

New member meeting at Linnaea’s 10/11/14 @ 3-5pm

Record book to county for state judging-10/24/14

Volunteer Development 9/27/14
As a reminder, 4-H adult volunteers are asked to please join us for the mandatory volunteer professional development day. Meet with other volunteers to collaborate about youth development best practices, child safety, managing conflicts, and connect with valuable resources. This is 2014-2015 Volunteer Training – September 27, 2014 (See emails from community leader for more information)
Fair Entries and Service


Thanks to everyone who sent me their information about the fair. I apologize if you’re entry isn’t in hear, but I was just including the emails that were sent to me. I encourage you to send me articles, news, updates, and anything else that you would want the club to see. Thanks again!

Matthew Monaghan entered his photographs into the fair and got a second and 2 third places. He also helped with cake booth and Pen Pride.

Nick Reed and his dad staffed the pen pride booth and sold a bunch of raffle tickets.
Aubrey Button worked the cake booth.

Ettan Amin and Enika Amin did the cake booth, and had a lot of fun. They had leather craft, photographs, and science project at fair. Ettan got 1 blue, 6 reds, and 1 white. Enika got 5 blues, 3 reds, and 2 whites. She got 2nd for her California state park photograph. Enika also got a blue for her apple pie.
Cedar and Isabella Hopewell did so much that I needed a list!

  • Carrots from the 4H Garden (Bella) – took second place in Youth Ag
  • Landscape painting (Bella) – took second in youth art
  • Honey Comb (Bella) – took first in youth Ag
  • Bees Wax (Cedar) – first place in all youth
  • Lego creation (Cedar) – honorable mention in youth Lego
  • Ceramic Creation (Bella) – first place in youth art
  • Wood Sculpture (Cedar) – second place in all youth
  • Backyard Honey (Cedar) – honorable mention in adult Ag

Millie Garrett helped at the Fair by taking a shift at Cake Booth and Pen Pride. She also entered 3 leather craft projects and was awarded a rainbow ribbon for each.

Sydney Cho made a cake for the cake booth and worked a shift at the cake booth. She came in third place for Make the Recipe contest.

Lindsay Cho entered one chicken, Ella, for show and she won Best in Show for second year in a row (this qualified her to enter Ella to the California State Fair in Sacramento under the 2014 County Fair Best of Show Champion Poultry category and she won! They represented San Mateo County)

Lindsay also did a other number of things for the fair which as follows:

  • Participated in Senior Showmanship and placed 1st
  • Participated in Small Animal Master Showmanship and placed 3rd
  • Participated in Senior Avian Bowl and team placed 1st for the seocnd year in a row
  • Entered display board, Chickens of San Mateo County, led by San Bruno Poultry Project and won 1st place
  • She made a cake for the Cake Booth and also worked a shift at the Cake Booth

Connor Leong participated in cake booth and pen pride. He also got best of breed and best of variety for his Partridge Plymouth rock and his silver spangled hamburg along with first for both. Conner also got six place for senior level showmanship and his team got first place for avian bowl for the second time in a row! He also got first and the special merit award at the end of the fair for his DIY hydroponic set up ( a soilless plant growing system). Conner even got first place for his kale. Lastly, as a comment of Conner’s “If you saw the parrots and the hedgehogs; those were the best animals at the fair not the rides.” –Conner Leong

Nico and Julien entered 2 photos each. Each of Julien’s received a 2nd place, and Nico’s received a 2nd place and an Honorable Mention.
Community Service


By: Nico Levy & Isabella Hopewell
Hi – as your Club Historian and Club Secretary, Isabella and I have got a lot planned for the Club this year for Community service! We start with two activities in September:

  1. Collecting those old shoes/sneakers so that they can be turned into playground rubber tanbark. This happens at our first Club Meeting on 9/16, and
  2.  Doing an earth friendly waterways clean up at Twin Pines Park starting at 9am on September 20th.

Remember to put both events on your calendar, and check out the master list for the year!
We will be asking for your votes at the meeting – because we were torn when it came to picking the last two “bigger” activities. Please read the information on our choices, and be ready to vote!
Here are the choices:
Possible: November Light the Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Palo Alto, or for some other organization that we like. You’d be asked to have done some fundraising for this cause – people donate on line, and you’d just show up and walk around the event “track”. Walking more vs. less doesn’t bring more money. Our Healthy Living/Games Officers might be taking this on.
Possible: a 4-H at the Library Event (Backyard bees, chickens information seminar) We did some teaching of kids this summer – about jam, dogs, chickens, rabbits, gardening and creative writing. San Carlos has done a seminar a few years ago about what it takes to raise Backyard Chickens and a lot of people went. So this, or gardening information might be a way of helping out the community in the way that only we can, thanks to 4-H.
Possible: Sewing Service Learning via My New Red Shoes ( This organization provides new shoes and a drawstring bag to hold them in to school children who need them. They come in (or we could go there – they’re next to Oracle across 101) with sewing machines, fabric – everything. Our job would be to sew. Or – to go to their warehouse in Belmont/Redwood Shores, and help them organize their materials (shoes, cards, bags).
Possible: Gleaning Fruit Trees over the Summer for Shelter use… A lot of people have fruit trees in their yards but don’t pick the fruit. Some of that’s good for birds, or squirrels, but a lot gets wasted – just gets put in the compost bin to be hauled away. So since there are hungry people in our community, we could pick the fruit for these homes/yards, and then bring it to a food shelter like Second Harvest.
Thanks for reading this article!
The million tree was planted at Huddart park at 8/16/14. The 4-H million tree project has finally reached its goal. There were some Belmont 4-H members there, including Julien Levy who made a wonderful speech.