September 2013 Newsletter

Upcoming Events 9/6 Belmont Free Movie Night- Fri @ 7:30 pm., “Wreck it Ralph” 9/17 Club Meeting but Where? Watch for the location… Meeting starts 6:45pm 9/17 Bring old Sneakers […]

Upcoming Events

9/6 Belmont Free Movie Night- Fri @ 7:30 pm., “Wreck it Ralph”

9/17 Club Meeting but Where? Watch for the location… Meeting starts 6:45pm 9/17 Bring old Sneakers to the Club Meeting – it’s the Community Service Op.!

9/24 Record Books Due In to County 4H Office, 80 Stone Pine Rd., #100, Half Moon Bay 9/28 Record Book Judging

10/06 Save the Music – 4-H Booth!

10/06 Tree Planting at San Pedro Park, Pacifica 10:30 – 2:30 10/27 Tree Planting at Flood Park, Menlo Park 10:30 – 2:30 11/3 4-H at the Raiders Game!


President’s Message

Hey guys!

Summer’s coming to an end, and school and 4-H are back in session! As a representative of Belmont 4-H, I’d just like to welcome all of the experienced 4-H’ers back and welcome the new 4-H’ers to our club. This year is going to be loads of fun! : ) We’re even hoping to have games at general meetings. And of course, just like every other year, there will be lots of cool projects to join. I can’t wait to see all of you again! And new members, I’m looking forward to meeting you! :) My advice (to shy members or new members or anyone really), try to start off this year in a positive attitude and make new friends. Don’t worry, everyone here is super awesome and nice. I hope to see everyone in a good and happy mood at the first meeting of the 2013-2014 year! :)

Hannah Higdon


Welcome to New Members:

Anne Luu, mom & Ava Iwashita (9);

Alan Iwashita, dad Alexa Lockwood (16)

Nika (12) Sanya (9) Daghighian and Mom Rokhsana


Official Alumnae – Now ADULT members!

Katrina Hull

Sarah Lloyd

Robin Hogan


We’ll miss you! Non-Returning Members:

Karl Brylow

Andrew Kang

Quinn McCormick

Sirena Alvarez


Reflections From County Fair

In Belmont 4-H we enter many things into the fair from photos to food. However, one category does not receive as much attention. That category is livestock, here 4hers and FFA members come together and show their accomplishments just as you enter a photo. But, there is one other aspect that is unique to showing animals at the fair. That aspect is the fact that you can talk to other members from other clubs. When you get to know others you can also learn about the animal their raising or how to improve on your own animal. This then makes the fair much more exiting because you can get together with you friends every day and socialize. I feel that even though fair is a big commitment the fair is a big commitment in the end it feels very rewarding because you accomplished something and helped promote 4-H.

— Connor Leong ( see Connor’s photos from fair at the end of the NewsLetter)


At pen pride we sold a bunch of those raffle tickets for one dollar. People had to guess the weight of Stewie the steer. Stewie came from the Half Moon Bay club. Most people guessed in the thousands place. We usually got ones but some people gave us tens and fives, so we had to give them change. Sometimes one of us would take a break and look at the animals. There were goats, pigs, steers, chickens, and turkeys. After we checked out the photo I entered in the fair. I had gotten first place! I also got third for my story I wrote!

– – Matthew Chulliyan

Pen Pride 2013

Matthew and Emerson rocking the Pen Pride Booth! XD*Results From County Fair


Community Service Opportunities – Coming up Soon!

1) For this upcoming general meeting, we will be having a shoe drive to donate to a place where sneakers and other types of shoes can be repurposed to become playgrounds. Please bring all your old shoes this coming September meeting!

2) Come to Flood Park to participate in planting some more trees! We will be holding a planting on October 27th, and everyone and anyone is welcome! Hope to see you there! – — Julien Levy


2012-2013 Record Books Rocked

As painful as they may be to create, once done, they’re an impressive and insightful view into our 4-Hers; your experiences, expectations and evaluation of your 4-H experience.

Jenny Luciano and her team of volunteer judges enjoyed reading your essays, and say “Bravo and Well Done!” to the following 4-H’ers who submitted a record book for review: Aubrey Button, Robbie Button, Lindsay Cho, Sydney Cho, Matthew Chulliyan, Julia Herrick, Alyssa Higdon, Hannah Higdon, Isabella Hopewell, Katrina Hull, Andrew Kang, Rachel Kang, Julia Herrick, Alyssa Higdon, Hannah Higdon, Nico Levy, Enika Patel, Ettan Patel, Nicholas Reed, Sophie Sunwoo and Sarah Tappin.

And special congratulations are deserved by those 4-Hers whose record books were awarded a gold seal! This year, the reviewing process was very different, thanks to a new rubric introduced by the County. 4-Hers record books had to meet a number of criteria, including evidence of age appropriate growth in leadership, community service, project skills and self reflection, and the ability to jump through all the formatting hoops required in the record book process. it was tough to get gold! Here’s the list of our gold seal winners: Lindsay Cho, Sydney Cho, Matthew Chullyian, Ian Colgan, Alyssa Higdon, Hannah Higdon, Katrina Hull, Andrew Kang, Rachel Kang, Nico Levy, Enika Patel, and Nicholas Reed.

Last and definitely not least, Record books are used to recognize persistence and dedication towards a goal – 4-H Stars, starting with Bronze and going all the way up to Platinum. The following 4–Hers have earned new stars for their hats:

Lindsay Cho – Gold

Alyssa Higdon – Gold

Hannah Higdon – Gold

Nico Levy – Silver

Katrina Hull  – Platinum

Sarah Tappin – Gold

– – Linnaea Knisely


Youth/Adult Leadership – Can you Represent?

One of the great things about 4-H is that there are many opportunities to learn leadership skills and to help run the club beyond being an Officer or Community Leader. Our club needs adult and youth representatives for the following committees:

County Council – Life Skills Committee: Meets odd months of the year County Council – Animal Committee: Meets even months of the year Science Education and Technology or SET: Meets quarterly

Adult volunteers are also needed for a short lived committee to review our Bylaws and Constitution. The goal for this committee is to present a recommended set of Bylaws and Constitution to the Club Membership at the October Club meeting for a club member vote.

Another opportunity is for a youth to serve on the Junior Fair Board. Katrina Hull has done this for the last few years. Junior Fair Board is for high school age students. Membership in 4H is not a requirement, but most members are in 4H. There is an application and interview for membership. Matt Cranford of the SM County Fair handles membership. Look for a posting in Highlights – the 4-H County newsletter if you’re interested in applying. – – Linnaea


Check it out! 4-H Day at the Raiders 11/3/14

Come see the Oakland Raiders take on the Philadephia Eagles at the Oakland Coliseum!
$20 of each ticket supports the California 4-H Foundation (which sponsors our Revolution of Responsibility Grants!). *if 4-H sells 100 or more tickets we will be eligible for an outreach table on the concourse, photo ops and messaging on the Raider’s jumbo-tron! To get tickets, click on the following link You may call the number on the flyer, mail, email or fax information to pay for/reserve tickets. Or, for any other questions, please call Amy McGuire at (530) 754-1523.



Submitted by Lori Leong photos by Connor Leong

Submitted by Lori Leong
photos by Connor Leong










Shoe recycling collection




Halloween costume collection Tree planting, Flood Park

Belmont, CA



Warm Coat Drive, Canned food drive

Belmont, CA



Sewing Project: Blankets, Backpacks or Toiletry Bags

TBD, will need ROR grant

Nov 16, 17


San Mateo Dance Foundation Costume Creation event

San Mateo – Beresford Park Center



Cards for soldiers

Belmont CA



Electronics collection

Belmont, CA



Eyeglass collection, list that here

Belmont, CA



Drive for supplies for the Peninsula Humane Society

Belmont, CA



Earth Day Clean up or Tree Planting




Bike Rodeo

Belmont, CA

June or TBD early spring


Garden Clean Up – Fox or Belmont Community Garden



Thanks for reading my newsletter….. and thanks to everyone who submitted articles and photos!

Nico Levy, Editor!